Gender-Inclusive Line of Heels for
Men & Nonbinary

Discover a Gender-Inclusive line of Pumps, Sandals, Boots & Flats available in Men Shoe Sizes.

Men Sizes 7 - 16 US
Medium & Wide Width

Gender-Inclusive Shoe Collection

Our men's heels are tailored for the male foot. We've taken men's shoe molds and added a fashionable twist with sexy heels. No need to settle for women's shoes designed only for female feet!

Putting Your Best Foot Forward, No Matter The Size!


The Entire Shoe Collection is Customizable!

Customizable Options

  • Design - Our entire shoe collection is customizable to to fit your style.
  • Color - Over 60 colors to choose from.
  • Width - Select Medium, Wide or Extra Wide.
  • Heel Height & Style - Select the desired heel height and style.

Redefining Fashion

Lidia Talavera

Gender ans Size Inclusive