How to select your size?

At Lidia Talavera we strive to craft high quality shoes with the best fit possible.

In order to select your size and width please take measurements and review the size chart below.

Please follow the measurement instructions below.

how to measure?

lenght & width

How to measure the lenght of your feet

1. Take a seat and place your feet flat on the floor. 

2. Place a piece of paper and place it under your foot.

3. Trace the shape of your foot with a pencil

4. Use a ruler or measuring tape to measure.

5. Take note of the measurements in centimeters of the following:

a. Length of the Foot

b. Width of the widest part of the foot



6. Take your measuring tape around the area to measure the circumference of the following:

a. Width Circumference of the Ball of Foot (widest part of your foot)

b. Ankle Circumference


How to measure for boots

For Boots

c. Calf Circumference (Widest part of the calf)

d. Shaft Circumference

Boot Height

e. Shaft Height (Desired Height of the boot)

*Take measurements in centimeters


Lidia Talavera

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