How To Put Together An Outfit

Clothes are a big part of expressing yourself. Fashion can be tricky sometimes, lucky for you in this article we will talk about all the tips to put together an outfit and succeed.

Choose a basic piece to start your outfit

The foundation of your outfit should be a basic neutral-color piece, for example, solid black pants, a plain jacket, or maybe a classic a-line skirt.

Add a colorful piece

Choose an interesting piece to add to your outfit and make it POP. This piece should include some color, texture, pattern, or shine. This will make you look so much younger and prettier rather than if you were to pair basic pieces and neutral colors together. 

Just remember that this piece should be appropriate to your age and occasion.  

The shoes can make or break your outfit

This may be the most important step while putting an outfit together. Shoes can make or break your outfit. The wrong shoes can make you look outdated no matter how perfect the rest of your outfit is. 

The main tips we have for you are to consider the occasion and the color.

Formal events may require heels and sparkly styles, but in a casual event, it will be more appropriate to wear flats and casual styles.

As for the color, neutral colors such as brown or black will always work, but don’t be afraid to play with some color. This can really make the difference in your outfit.

Tip: When wearing a bright color, do not match your shoes exactly to your outfit, instead try a related accent color. 

How To Put Together An Outfit Shoes

Add accessories to make your outfit pop

It’s time to add some accessories to your outfit! Grab some jewelry, scarves, belts, sunglasses, etc. Have fun and try different combinations. 

Grab a handbag to finalize

Same as the shoes, you have to consider the color and occasion before choosing a handbag.

A formal event calls for a clutch or structured handbag, and for a more casual event is better to go for a slouchy bag in a casual fabric (could be leather, suede, or canvas). Consider that the more structured the handbag is, the dressier it looks.

Neutral colors will always be perfect for any occasion, but don’t be shy to try new things. 

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