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Learn about the advantages of wearing heels. Heels are an essential accessory in the wardrobe of all people who love high heels. Using them has both advantages and disadvantages. It is good to know both sides of the coin.

Advantages of wearing heels

Wearing heels really has many aesthetic advantages for people who wear  them, among them are:

  • It gives you more confidence. Walking in heels makes you feel sexier so you automatically look more attractive.
  • Accentuate your curves, as it improves your posture by leaving everything in place.
  • It is a great relief for short people as they can look a few inches taller.
  • They stylize the figure of every person. They make you look slimmer because it gives that optical illusion.
  • They can reflect your personality and give you enough authority to intimidate others.
  • They are the perfect accessory for a more formal look, even if you only wear a t-shirt you will always look much sexier in heels.
  • They make you look elegant. If you walk correctly in heels you can look like the most distinguished woman in the place. Wearing heels seems easy, but it is much more difficult than it looks.

Disadvantages of wearing heels

The disadvantages of wearing heels are not so obvious; however, they can become a serious problem.

  • If you walk incorrectly in heels, you can injure any muscle in your calf, ankle, or even your feet.
  • Wearing them too often and not knowing how to walk well in them can damage your spine and knees.
  • The straps on the heels can give you more firmness when walking, but you must choose the correct size; otherwise, they would hurt you by not doing it right.
  • Wearing heels every day can create muscle problems. Since it’s like walking on tiptoe, doing it for too long keeping tension on the muscle could cause injury.

Tips for wearing heels and not injuring yourself

  • Don’t wear them every day. Give your feet a break.
  • Walk as straight as you can to avoid back injuries.
  • Don’t wear your heels anymore when you feel the heel structure begin to hurt you.
  • Don’t wear heels for so many hours a day, always have a pair of tennis shoes on hand to change into.

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