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Gender Inclusive Line of Shoes
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At Lidia Talavera, we are not only thinking of women. We are also thinking of the LGBTQ+ community, plus-size fashion lovers, and everyone who loves a good pair of custom high heels — crafting heels in both women’s and men’s shoe sizes.

Lidia Talavera is an innovative, all-inclusive line of custom-made high heels for men and women. Our collection of shoes includes pumps, sandals, and flats, which are made-to-order and customizable. Shop Lidia Talavera shoes today!

Match or Coordinate

Match or Coordinate

Match or Coordinate

Furry Love

You and your furry friend can match or coordinate with Lidia Talavera’s collection of pet collars.

Matching is Love

Matching is Love

Custom Made High Heels for Men | Women |Nonbinary

At Lidia Talavera, we believe in inclusivity for all Shoe Lovers and strive to offer a unique line of custom-made high heels and more. As a result, we are the first company to understand and focus on the footwear needs of the LGBTQ+ community. We have developed and designed custom-made high heels not just for women, but for men and nonbinary Shoe Lovers. Our selection of custom high heels and more are available in women U.S. sizes 4-14 and with standard men’s U.S. shoe sizes 7-16. We have taken the classic shoe mold for men, designed to provide maximum comfort and support, and added a sexy heel on them. Our mission is to offer the highest quality custom-made high heels for the LGBTQ+ community, made with your needs in mind.

The Shoe Collection

We are very proud to be the first shoe company to offer custom-made high heels for men and women. Our line of pumps, sandals, and flats is all-inclusive with customizable options to meet your personal style.

Customization is the staple of our company. While most footwear companies design shoes primarily in standard colors, we offer various color options. Notably, our entire shoe collection is customizable, with over 50 colors available on the color options page. In addition to color customization, we also offer various heel thicknesses and sole platform options.

The Belt Collection

In addition to our shoe collection, we offer a fine line of customizable leather belts. Understanding the importance accessories play in style was a crucial factor in creating this collection. With this in mind, several designs are customizable to match or coordinate with your heels. We have more than 50 colors to choose from on the Color Options page.

The Furry Love Pet Collar Collection

At Lidia Talavera, we love our furry companions. Therefore, we introduced a fun Pet Collars Collection for your furry friend. Our line of pet collars is customizable to match or coordinate with your shoes and belts from our shop. Select any style in over 50 colors available on the Color Options page. Matching is Love!

We hope you enjoy our collection of custom-made heels for men, women and nonbinary!

Lidia Talavera

Gender ans Size Inclusive