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When a royal wedding is announced, the speculation about who will design the dress is inevitable. Incredible dresses that become history for those who wear them, from Grace Kelly to Meghan Markle. All those amazing dresses hide another no less outstanding jewel: royal wedding shoes. Hidden under all the beautiful wedding dresses, almost all of the royal wedding shoes went unnoticed.  

They may go unnoticed, but footwear is a fundamental piece in every outfit, and even more in a bride. Think about all the hours they have to wear them, who would want to be uncomfortable at their wedding?

Grace Kelly’s royal wedding shoes

Royal Wedding Shoes Grace

On April 19th, 1956 one of the many royal weddings of the century was celebrated and held at St. Nicholas Cathedral.

Her white royal wedding shoes were designed by David Evins. They had a six centimeter (2.3 inches) high heel and were embroidered with a simple pattern and inlaid small pearls. 

However, this pair of royal wedding shoes had a mystery inside them, an x-ray taken in 2005 revealed that inside of her right shoe was a penny, hidden deep inside the structure.

Royal Wedding Shoes Grace Kelly Shoess

Royal wedding shoes of Diana, Princess of Wales

Royal Wedding Shoes Lady Di

Diana’s story is well known around the world. With only 20 years of age, Diana became Princess of Wales in the summer of 1981, when she married Charles at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Her Victorian-inspired gown was designed by the popular designers of the time: David and Elizabeth Emanuel. And her wedding dress was embroidered with more than ten thousand pearls and it had a very long silk train.

Her royal wedding shoes had a small heel, not to seem taller than Prince Charles, Made of suede and covered in over 500 sequins and pearls, Princess Diana’s shoes were designed by shoemaker Clive Shilton who dedicated almost six months of work to them. The sole was engraved with floral motifs; Diana’s personal touch.

Royal Wedding Shoes Diana

Letizia Ortiz’s royal wedding shoes

Royal Wedding Shoes Letizia Ortiz

Journalist Letizia Ortiz married Prince Felipe VI at Almudena Cathedral in Madrid in May 2004.

Her wedding dress, designed by Manuel Pertegaz, was created from natural silk, embroidered with heraldic motifs in silver thread and a beautiful 5-meters long train.

The special shoes were designed by Pura Lopez. The shoes were 10 centimeters tall (4 inch), and were made of the same fabric as the wedding gown.

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