Lady Gaga Swarovski

Lady Gaga is known for her over-the-top fashion choices and weird shoes. We have seen her in several pairs of incredibly high heels from various designers over the years.

Admired by millions, criticized by many others, Lady Gaga has the ability to leave anyone with their mouths open. Not only for her talent and charisma but for her theatricality, since she is capable of turning every public appearance into a show.

Not only on stage does she surprise us with her astonishing outfits. Whether she is in an airport, an interview, or even just walking down the street, Lady Gaga is a professional of outrageous outfits and, of course, her shoes are not far behind. Not only are they alarmingly high, but they are anything but “normal.”

1. The Real-meat Shoes

Lady Gaga’s Weird Shoes Meat
Lady Gaga at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards

The designer for this outfit was no other than the Argentinian, Franc Fernandez. He spent two days sewing and putting the dress together.

2. The Fragile Swarovskis Shoes

Lady Gaga Swarovski

Wearing a dress created exclusively for her by Armani, with shoes full of Swarovski crystals that gave the impression that they could break at every step…

3. The Alien Shoes

Weirdest Shoes You Can Find Online Alien Gaga

One of her most iconic shoes, first seen in her Bad Romance Music Video

4. The Armadillo Heels

Lady Gaga Armadillo

The Armadillo heels, designed by Alexander McQueen, were also featured in her Bad Romance music video.

5. Heel-less Platform boots

Lady Gaga’s Weird Shoes Tatehana

These very high platform boots without heels, and with a height between 10 and 19 inches, are designed by the Japanese artist Noritaka Tatehana, have already become known around the world thanks to the hesitant steps of Lady Gaga.

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