A Century Of Heels 1942

Heels are a very essential part of our day, especially if we were to go out. Whether it’d be for a casual or a more formal meeting, at Lidia Talavera you can find the perfect shoes for any occasion!

High heels were originally worn by men, but ever since then, heels had various cultural meanings, such as: symbolizing high social status, military prowess, refined fashionable taste, etc.

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In this article, we will show you how a century of heels looks like.

Heels in 1920


The decorative garters became fashionable in these years, since the shoes that were used at that time were a little simple in style. Garters help when shoe styles are simple.

A Century Of Heels 1920 Garters


In 1925, T-straps were the trend of the moment.

A Century Of Heels 1921

Heels in 1930


Thanks to the golden age of Hollywood and the impact of its celebrities in the world of fashion, it was in these years that the most fashionable heels emerged.

A Century Of Heels 1931


In the summer of 1936, the shoes were famous for being much more elegant than what had been used before.

A Century Of Heels 1936


The first modern platform shoes were introduced by Salvatore Ferragamo who created them for the actress Judy Garland. The first platform shoes has a one-piece thick heel.

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A Century Of Heels 1938

Heels in 1940


Replacing the pumps of the 1930s, wedges became a mainstay item of women’s shoe collections in the 1940s.

A Century Of Heels 1940


Shoe styles began to lighten up in the 1940s, when cutouts became the first versions of the strappy sandal.

A Century Of Heels 1942


Ruffle-front d’Orsay pumps inspired shoe styles that would be used later in the 1950s.

A Century Of Heels 1946

Heels in 1950


With the 1950s came a wave of femininity. Ava Gardner delivered group sex appeal in these fishnets and dainty ankle strap sandals.

A Century Of Heels 1951


The best example of the trend this year is Marilyn Monroe looking lovely in Lucite heels.

A Century Of Heels 1952

Heels in 1960


These long, pointy shoes were called winkle pickers back in the day, because in England periwinkle snails, or winkles, are a popular seaside snack which is eaten using a pin or other pointed object to extract the soft parts out of the coiled shell carefully.

A Century Of Heels 1960


It was very common that at this time the colors of the dress and the shoes matched exactly.

A Century Of Heels 1964

Heels in 1970


Jane Birkin puts a twist on LBD with a pair of heavenly scarlet platforms.

A Century Of Heels 1973


Glamorous disco at its finest.

A Century Of Heels 1977

Heels in 1980


Rhinestone-embellished pumps: because in the 80s, everything should shine!

A Century Of Heels 1983


Everything has to match! From your lipstick to your dress, and don’t forget your heels!

A Century Of Heels 1986

Heels in 1990


Monochromatic outfits were still a trend!

A Century Of Heels 1992


Chunky loafers in baby pastel and metallic colors became the everyday look in the mid-90s, especially when worn with ankle socks.

A Century Of Heels 1994


Thanks to Clueless, the schoolgirl look was the most attractive look of the moment; with the Cher Horowitz stockings and Mary Janes’ heels.

A Century Of Heels 1995


Platform shoes used by the Spice Girls set a fashion trend this year.

A Century Of Heels 1997

Heels in 2000


The early 2000s is possibly the most harrowing time in fashion to look back. Britney Spears’ square toe sandals are the least offensive footwear in the early 2000s.

A Century Of Heels 2000


Pointed stilettos were used with everything in the early 2000s.

A Century Of Heels 2002


Pointed stilettos were still a trend, these were usually worn with bootcut jeans.

A Century Of Heels 2004


Manolo Blahnik’s royal satin pumps were the sensation of this year.

A Century Of Heels 2008

Heels in 2010


Lady Gaga wearing Alexander McQueen Armadillo heels.

A Century Of Heels 2010


Sneakers and heels combine to create the Isabel Marant wedge sneakers. This hybrid style quickly became the sensation of the moment.

A Century Of Heels 2012


From Stuart Weitzman, the minimalist sandal that goes with everything.

A Century Of Heels 2014


Kim Kardashian was obsessed with Persplex heels.

A Century Of Heels 2016


Nude sandals take over 2019. The ultra-minimalist style gives off late 90s and early 2000s vibes, adding a flattering finish to any look.

A Century Of Heels 2019

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