Platform Shoes

Platform shoes have been around for a long time, and they have not always been about fashion. 

Platform shoes in Ancient Greece

In ancient Greece, actors used to wear black leather sandals called the Cothurnus, these shoes were as tall as six inches and dictated the importance of the actor; the taller the shoe, the more important the actor was.

The Middle Ages platform shoes

Platform Shoe Patten

The type of platform shoes that were worn in the Middle Ages, were known as “pattens”. Both nobility and peasantry wore pattens to keep them elevated above all the muck on the streets.

The Chopine

Platform Shoe Chopine

Eventually, pattens became more elaborated, therefore creating the chopine, which was an over-shoe worn by Italian nobility. Some of them were extremely high (almost 30 inches tall), and designed with jewels.

Modern platform shoes

Platform Shoe Sf

The first modern platform shoes were introduced in 1930 by Salvatore Ferragamo. This first pair of shoes have a one-piece thick heel. He used cork and wood to create the first modern platform. 

Platforms resurged in the 1970s, this time the designs were more eye-catching, colorful and both men and women wore them.

Health benefits

Women wear heels to make their legs look longer and their body to look slimmer, they were also worn to improve posture. Platforms provide more support than stilettos or high heels. It’s easier to balance yourself on platform shoes, reducing the number of falls in comparison with high heels. They also provide more arch support, reducing foot and ankle problems.

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