How To Walk In High Heels Like A Pro

We sure love a high heel shoe, they help us to bring together an amazing outfit, but sometimes it is rather difficult to walk in them. If you suffer from this too, worry no more, for we are here to help you walk in high heels like a pro!

7 Tips and tricks to walk in high heels

1. Take short steps when walking in high heels

To begin with this short guide, first, you need to take short steps and remember not to bend your knees more than you usually do. That way you’ll look more comfortable and sophisticated.

2. Shoe matters

If you’re just beginning the journey of owning high heels, the best you can do is increase the heel’s size gradually. Buy yourself some kitten heels to practice with. Another tip is trying platform shoes or boots. 

3. It’s all about posture

It’s common to have a bad posture when walking in these type of shoes, this will tire your body even more.

Try standing up straight and project security when walking. Remember to take short steps.

4. From heel to toe

Forget about walking as if you were wearing your usual sneakers. When walking in high heels you should rest your heel first and then your toes. This way you’ll feel more comfortable and look more elegant.

How To Walk In High Heels Like A Pro Shoe

5. Practice makes perfect

If you’re not used to walking in high shoes, the best you can do is practice at home. Try getting used to those new pairs of heels you just purchased before going out. Get to know your shoes.

6. Imagine a straight line

Try picturing that you’re walking in a straight line (but don’t look at the floor while walking), that’s the easiest way to walk elegantly in high heels.

7. Give your feet a break

Remember that giving a break to your feet is just as important as learning how to walk in these shoes. When possible, sit and rest your feet. But try not to take your shoes off, your feet might swell up and it’d make an impossible mission to put them back on.

And don’t worry, you’re not alone. Even celebrities take their shoes off, just like Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph during the Oscars in 2018.

How to walk in high heels like a pro oscars

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