Shoe Trends 2021 Dolce & Gabanna

At Milan Fashion Week there were many new shoe proposals that shouldn’t surprise you if they are trending next season.

Shoes are one of the most favorite items of people at fashion shows. Here we show you some of the designs that stole thousands of looks at Milan Fashion Week and are likely to be a trend in the Spring/Summer 2021 season.

Knitted ankle boots

Shoe trends 2021 Fendi

The boots and shoes that Fendi proposes go hand in hand with his entire collection, which has a lot of hand-made details, guaranteeing to be a trend next season.

These knitted ankle boots wrap the foot with a flexible fabric, giving the wearer movement and freshness. 

Shoes with ties

Shoe trends 2021 Fendi

Etro’s heels with colored bows go hand in hand with the brand’s classic freestyle and modern style. They give such a feminine touch in a beautiful and creative way.

The shoes with ties will become a trend next season due to their usage, you can wear them with a casual or formal look depending on the time of day, garments, and accessories with which you combine them.

Bicolor Stilettos

Shoe Trends 2021 Dolce & Gabanna

Creative directors of Dolce & Gabbana, Domenico Dolce, and Stefano Gabbana are the masters of mixing classic silhouettes with their so characteristic colorful and innovative touch.

Their proposal of stilettos with black and white patches are the perfect balance between modern and traditional footwear. Making them the perfect trend for next year.

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